Cheryl Lufrano, RPA-C

Primary Care

Cheryl Lufrano was born on and continues to reside in Staten Island. As a young girl, she always had an interest in medicine. After reading all of the books about animals in the West Brighton Public Library, she thought she would become a veterinarian. However, after working for Drs. Regan & McGinn as a medical assistant and then volunteering in the Emergency Department at Staten Island University Hospital, she realized her passion was for people medicine. She learned about Physician Assistants from an MD who was a family friend and decided to pursue that career. Cheryl, who was the class valedictorian, graduated summa cum laude in 1984, from LIU/Brooklyn Hospital Physician Assistant Program.

Cheryl worked for 20 years at Beth Israel Emergency Room in Manhattan. In addition to providing care for patients in the ER, she was involved in the implementation and participated in the ERs ground-breaking Follow-up Program. This program ensured that patients who had been treated in the Emergency Room were doing well and they had appropriate follow-up care. Additionally, patients were notified of any test results that were pending at the time of their discharge, were contacted for any change in their results and recalled back to the Emergency Room when necessary. Beth Israel's Follow-up program became the model for future programs in other NYC ERs. It was PA Lufrano's experience in the Follow-up Program which made her realize the importance of her patients' medical care following their discharges from the Emergency Department. In 2000, she began to work part-time for the Staten Island based Urgent Care/ Internal Medicine practice of Drs. Howard Scheiner and Kenneth Schaefer. Ms. Lufrano left Beth Israel's Emergency Department in 2004 to join Dr. Schafer and Scheiner as a full-time Physician Assistant. In 2008, after eight years with Drs. Schaefer and Scheiner, Cheryl joined the Internal Medicine practice of Dr. Sunah Oh which became Dr. Frank Scafuri's practice in January of 2015. Currently, Cheryl practices Internal Medicine at Dr. Scafuri's practice in Staten Island.