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Our practice collects information about it's users through Google analytics which is installed on our site. We do not collect information for any purpose other than to profile our users internally. This means that we respect your privacy and will do nothing with any such details that we collect. We make use of cookies on the Dr. Scafuri web site, but do not use of these cookies for any purpose for the general operation of the website. If you are unhappy about our use of cookies then you can contact us and request more information.

Terms of Use

The terms laid out here are for both general web site users and registered users. Usage of this site is permitted to anybody for the purposes of learning more about our practice and its services and solutions. All information on this site is deemed correct at the time of going live, however we shall be unaccountable in any way for any omissions or errors which may be present. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of business due to making use of any of the information provided on this site.

We are not in any way responsible for the content of external sites which we may link to.

Any or all of the items detailed on this page are subject to review at any time by our practice without notice.