Claudia B.

Claudia Belisle began working at the practice of Dr. Scafuri & Associates in October 2020. Before joining the practice, she worked in various doctorís offices and healthcare facilities for over 14 years. Her positions varied from Medical Assistant to Trainer and Field Coordinator in many different areas such as Family Medicine, Primary Care, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, ER and an Insurance Company. Claudia has enjoyed being in the healthcare field and having a variety of different experiences. She loves seeing all the loyal patients that the practice has and meeting her new co-workers. She has also decided to go back to school to further her career. When Claudia isnít working or attending school, she is a mom of two. She loves to spend time with her children, whether thatís watching movies, singing, dancing, drawing, baking or playing board games, they just love to have fun together!